Terms and Conditions

1. General Informations

This general conditions regulate services and experiences/activities sales between Clube do Paiva and partners.

Clube do Paiva, through its promotional means and partners, presents and offers a series of tourist entertainment activities to be enjoyed by direct or indirect acquirer. These activities are organized, carried out and produced by Clube do Paiva and/or by reputable and qualified suppliers, under agréments signed between each of them and Clube do Paiva.

Once activity has been selected, Clube do Paiva will send you, after payment of the respective price, a proof (e-mail, voucher, invoice…) that will Grant you to carry out the activity.

2. Inscription, Booking and Activities Reservations

  1. Registration for na activity presupposes knowledge and accaptance of these presente conditions.
  2. Particular conditions supersede these general conditions.

Booking of activities must be carried out as early as possible. To make a reservation, please contact our services via the mobile number +351 966 185 300 or by e-mail at info@clubedopaiva.com. You should only consider the appointment as definitive after you received our confirmation by phone, text or e-mail.

On the activity day, you must be accompanied by proof of payment or any other means of proof as a means of payment with our guide/monitor.

3. Activities

  1. Details and respective levels of difficulty during the activity are available for consultation in activities description, and they can be transmitted verbally or sent when requesting information or hiring them.
  2. Activities dependo n weather conditions, your tour may need to be changed. The information provided by Clube do Paiva regarding the duration and type of activity is always based on an estimate and under ideal circumstances, and therefore no rights are owed for alteration of activities or routes of the sames.
  3. Clube do Paiva reserves the right to cancel activities, with no compensation. In this case, Clube do Paiva refund the costumer for the amount already paid, after deducting the expenses incurred with organization of the respective activity, when:
    1. The required participants for each activity aren´t gathered (when applicable);
    2. Weather, hydrographic, security or other conditions make the activity impractical;
  4. Confirmation of activities is normally carried out one or two days before the date. Due to the instability of the weather, Clube do Paiva is entitled to confirm the activities up to 12 hours before the same start.
  5. The right to carry out na activity with the respective voucher/proof of purchase ceases when:
    1. Client doesn´t appear at place and time mentioned in the booking form or transmitted to carry out the activity;
    2. Costumer, prior to start the activity, doesn´t presente a valid ticket/voucher/proof of purchase or booking form;
    3. According with Clube do Paiva´s administration, payment for the activity hasn´t been received and the customer cannot, at that time, provide proof of payment. In all these situations, the activity is considered to have been carried out. The voucher expires. This also valid for situations in which it isn´t possible to carry out the activity dur to the circumtances described in art. 3.3.
    4. In case of no-show on the day of the activity, and if the activity has not been paid in full, a fee of €10/person will be charged (due to activation of insurance, guides, travel, etc.). In the case of vouchers from companies providing experiences such as “Vida é Bela”, Smartbox, etc., their rules are followed, that is, the voucher will be considered used, with no refund…
  6. Participants in the activities must respect the instructions given by the guide/monitor and other employees of Clube do Paiva, both during and after the activities.
  7. By participating in an activity, customers accept the risks arising therefrom, and Clube do Paiva cannot be held responsible for them…
  8. Clube do Paiva is not responsible for any damage or loss of personal equipment (pieces of clothing, cameras or camcorders, etc.).
  9. Clube do Paiva cannot be held responsible for accidents resulting from the recklessness of the participants or their disrespect for the indications of their guides/monitors.
  10. Clube do Paiva cannot be held responsible for acts that do not depend on its will or control, as well as those of its employees.

4. Restrictions

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that he is in good health conditions (physical and mental, etc.) to carry out the contracted activities.

In case of doubt, please contact us. We guarantee that we will do everything possible so that our customers with some type of physical limitation always have the opportunity to properly enjoy our activities. To this end, we request that any restrictions of this type are mentioned before the purchase/reservation is made, so that we can take the necessary steps to meet our client’s needs.

We indicate, however, some general restrictions (conditions applied by the equipment):

  • Minimum age allowed: under 18 years old only with the permission of the parents/guardians (under the responsibility of the contracting entity);
  • Maximum admitted age: 150 years (upon request);
  • Minimum weight and height: 30 Kg | 135 cm;

5. Refunds

We refund all undated vouchers, up to 15 days after the purchase date, against an administrative charge of 20% of their value, with a minimum of 20 euros. Refunds are always made to the entity or person who purchased the voucher, unless expressly stated otherwise.

6. Cancellations

If you want to cancel or change your appointment, you must do so with a minimum of 12 hours. If you do not show up on the date and place set to carry out your activity without canceling your appointment under the aforementioned terms, you will lose the right to enjoy it.

Important: In case you need to cancel the activity for reasons beyond our control (for example: weather conditions), we will notify you as soon as possible and make every effort to provide you with an alternative date at your convenience.

On the day: If you have any problem on the day of the activity or any complaint to make, please mention it directly to Clube do Paiva through the email info@clubedopaiva.com , at the first opportunity, so that we can reward you and improve our service.

7. Atmospheric conditions and technical conditions

The performance of activities is subject to the existence of favorable technical and atmospheric conditions. If activities are cancelled, you will be offered the possibility of making a new reservation, with the client having to indicate a new date, but always subject to the weather conditions of the respective day and the availability of Clube do Paiva. If the client incurs expenses or damages due to a cancellation on the same day due to adverse weather conditions or unforeseen events outside Clube do Paiva, the latter cannot be held responsible for them.

8. Insurance

The risks inherent in carrying out tourist entertainment activities are covered by a personal accident policy and a civil liability policy whose coverage is as provided for in current legislation, namely:

  1. Payment of treatment expenses, including hospital stay, and medication, up to an annual amount of €3500;
  2. Payment of a capital of €35 000, in the evento f the death or permanente disability of its customers, the capital for death being reduced to the reimbursement of funeral expenses, when they are under 14 years old;

Civil liability insurance guarantees €50 000 per claim, with the annuity guaranteeing damages caused by claims occurring during the term of the policy, as long as they are claimed within one year after termination of the contract.

NOTE: Any and all expenses above these values ​​cannot be paid to Clube do Paiva. If you intend to insure the activity with amounts higher than those contracted and/or not included in the contracted policy, Clube do Paiva may request a specific proposal from the insurance company.

9. Vouchers, Gift Checks

  1. VouchersOnce the activity or product has been selected (either directly with Clube do Paiva, through a partner, affiliated stores, on a website or in other ways, Clube do Paiva will send you, after payment of the respective price, a voucher that will entitle you to carry out the activity, which you must present on the day(s) of the activity(ies) and/or service(s).
    1. Voucher deliveryYour voucher is sent by regular mail (with a charge, which must request specific information for each case) or by email. The shipment is normally made two days after the payment method has been properly collected, or you choose a personalized delivery method. Please contact us if you would like more information about custom deliveries. The voucher can be sent to you or directly to the person you indicate, provided that the recipient’s data is clearly identified. If your voucher, for any reason, does not reach the recipient, we will send you a new voucher at no additional cost (only valid for e-mails), proceeding with the cancellation of the lost voucher.
  2. Vouchers validityAll vouchers have a validity period of 1 year after the date of purchase, unless otherwise stated in the voucher. During the 6 months following the expiry of the validity period, vouchers can be revalidated once upon payment of a fee of €25. After this period, the voucher is canceled and cannot be revalidated. The revalidation of the voucher does not give it a new validity period, only allowing a new booking provided it is made within 5 working days, for a date within the period of 3 months immediately following the revalidation.
  3. Voucher exchangeThe exchange of vouchers is allowed, as long as they are available in the Clube do Paiva voucher catalogue, by deducting a service fee.

10. Image rights

Clube do Paiva during its activities may cover images and video (with sound) of said activities. Thus, unless otherwise indicated in writing, prior to carrying out the activity, the participant in the activities assigns all rights and authorizes the use of the photos and videos collected during the activities and in the periods before and after them, for placement on the website, social networks and sending audiovisual material to all customers and in marketing and advertising actions of Clube do Paiva or its partners. All copyright is reserved to Clube do Paiva.

11. Privacy

Clube do Paiva guarantees by all possible means the confidentiality of all data provided by its customers. The holders of the collected data have the following rights:

  • right to information (article 10 of the LPD), ie, at the time of collection, you must be informed about the purpose of the collection;
  • right of access, rectification and elimination (article 11 of the LPD); and if applicable;
  • right of opposition (article 12 of the LPD) to the use of data for marketing purposes or communication to third parties.

If you wish, at any time, to no longer be part of the Clube do Paiva database, you can exercise this right through the following means:

Email: clubdopaiva@gmail.com

Mobile: +351 966 185 300

12. Suggestions and Complaints

Your feedback is important to us. If you have any suggestions or complaints, please do not hesitate to present them, as it will be the best way to improve our service and to resolve any dispute satisfactorily.

13. Validity

These conditions can be revoked or changed without prior notice by contracts, obligations or agreements entered into in parallel and in writing.