At Clube do Paiva we allow you to rent your own equipment and explore the river by yourself… be brave!

A wonderful aspect of the Paiva River is it’s comprehensive network of exciting rapids and relaxing pools in which you can enjoy both natures power and beauty.

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“A wonderful aspect of the Paiva River is it’s comprehensive network of exciting rapids and relaxing pools in which you can enjoy both natures power and beauty. Explore the Paiva River with us”

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We have regular demand for equipment for specific activities and we are ready to help. Especially for canoes and personal safety equipment, in case that you want to explore the river by yourself. We can also support with transfers.

Nevertheless, rafting and canyoning equipment will only be rented to professional people, for safety purposes.

Valeu malta!

Brutal e aconselho a experiência ….equipa simpática e com espírito para proporcionar momentos agradáveis! Valeu malta!

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Nuno Trindade Pupilos do Exercito October 4, 2016

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