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“An inspiring Rafting Day in the Paiva River … watch this comprehensive video of all you can get on a Rafting activity. Explore the Paiva River with us!”

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A wonderful aspect of the Paiva River is it’s comprehensive network of exciting rapids and relaxing pools in which you can enjoy both natures power and beauty.

Rafting consists of navigating down the rivers white water rapids in an inflatable boat – the raft. It is team effort and every single person must contribute in order to control the raft in wild water…

Rafting season starts every year with the first Autumn rains and ends late in Spring time.
As a mountain river, with no dams in its course, water levels can vary rapidly with rainfall, changing the river conditions significantly … this is the reason why no two river trips are ever the same!

Every morning, before each trip, we check the water levels and choose the river track, considering your experience, as a beginner or an expert.
For your safety and ours, we have certified guides by IRF “International Rafting Federation” and all the necessary equipment to raft safe and comfortably in wild rivers during wintertime.

We offer as standard: neoprene suit, boots, floating vest, helmet, thermal sweater, and windproof jackets. You will feel like a real professional!

At the end of the trip we relax in a traditional water mill, have a snack of delicious regional food and enjoy the best moments of the day captured by our waterproof cameras and drones!

Valeu malta!

Brutal e aconselho a experiência ….equipa simpática e com espírito para proporcionar momentos agradáveis! Valeu malta!

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