Exploring, swinging and swimming the mountain.

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“Canyoning for all … this is a video about canyoning in our mountain streams. Full adrenaline in refreshing pristine waters during hot summer days. We have special tracks for children and families too. Explore the Paiva River with us”

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Canyoning Details

  • Complete duration: 6 hours
  • Acessibility:
    • Child with 5 years old or more
  • Tecnical didiculty levels ajusted to group´s tipe
  • Provided gear: Neoprene suit, termical sweat, helmet and life-jacket
  • Locals and federated instructors/guides
  • Photo-report (include on price)
  • Insurance
  • Transfer to strat point
  • Groups special prices

Canyoning is about exploring a canyon or mountain stream, downhills, with the help of ropes (water rappel) or jumping waterfalls.

This activity, because of local conditions, takes place only in the Summer time (May to September) and in good weather conditions; it is developed in narrow water streams and it is important to pay attention to possible sudden water level changes.

Canyoning provides an opportunity for exceptional contact with nature and to challenge your limits. Frades’ River is the chosen stream because of its surrounding scenery, natural beauty and historical richness. But there are more water streams to explore!

We also organize a wonderful and magic Canyoning for Kids, ideal for kids and families. This activity is organized in a smaller water stream, around the rural village of Manhouce, with easy accessibility.

Valeu malta!

Brutal e aconselho a experiência ….equipa simpática e com espírito para proporcionar momentos agradáveis! Valeu malta!

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Nuno Trindade Pupilos do Exercito October 4, 2016

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