Canoeing down the Paiva River allows for wonderful contact with nature and great moments of pleasure and fun with your friends or family…

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“This is gonna the best day of your life! Canoeing in the Paiva River is guaranteed fun during the warm and long summer days. This is an activity for all ages, from 3 years old. Ideal for groups and families. Explore the Paiva River with us”

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Canoeing is mostly a late spring to late summer activity in the Paiva River (from May to September) that is suitable for every age and level of fitness. You will enjoy the river at its best tranquillity and beauty, you will appreciate the river banks and have the opportunity to swim in refreshing waters away from the busy world.

During the summer months, the water levels are not high anymore and you will find smooth river rapids in between the calmer waters up and downstream. Canoeing down the river is an ideal relaxed summer day with your friends and family members.

Valeu malta!

Brutal e aconselho a experiência ….equipa simpática e com espírito para proporcionar momentos agradáveis! Valeu malta!

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