Why us?

Clube do Paiva was created in 2003, since that became the company reference in adventure activities in Paiva River, at Arouca and Portugal.

The professionalization of the management team, combined with a playful and pleasant spirit, spread over na experienced monitors group and cheers every friendly customer, creating a safe and relaxed atmosphere in our activities.

Clube do Paiva is a local company, developed by local people with significant experience in white waters rivers. We work with passion in the field, sharing every emotion with our customers and our local, national and International partners.

We constantly seek, with our team and surrounding partners, to innovate and adapt our activities to news expectations, keeping the “hold school” spirit that gave life to Clube do Paiva.

Clube do Paiva team practice all activities in protected áreas such as UNESCO´s Arouca Geopark, Magic Mountains, with great emphasis on the Natura 2000 areas, where we find, among many other attractions, the Paiva Walkways and 516 Arouca Bridge.

Clube do Paiva, Local people, River experts. Since 2003.

Trained to reduce risks

Adventure outdoors activities, developed by Clube do Paiva, require knowlege, preparation, skills and adequate training. Each member is properly trained and formed in the field and certificated by competente institutions, such as International Rafting Federation or Portuguese Canoeing Federation. They also carry out training on importante topics to keep each activities safe like first aid, ropes formations….

Clube do Paiva, safe fun!


Adventure activities, in UNESCO Arouca Geopark and MAgic Mountains, appeal to different types of groups.

We work together to every activity can be adaptable to different groups. We can share a nature experience with small groups like couples and families, as well as largest groups such as friends, school groups, business groups in Team Building…

Group size doesn´t change the size of fun and discoveries in our beautiful landscape along Paiva River.

Inclusive Tourism

Clube do Paiva develops unique experiences accessible to everyone. We provide safe adventure activities, with difficulties level adapted to ensure of none adventurous friend regardless physical conditions, sees gates of nature closed.

Ecological footprint and sustainability

Clube do Paiva´s foundators develop a feeling of passion for nature. In this sence, to continue to have wonderful landscapes surrounding us, they fight together with the resto f the team to maintain the natural environment of fauna and flora.

Among activities, actions are carried out to maintain protected species´s habitat, in UNESCO Arouca Geoparl and Magic Mountains territory.

We work together with associations and institutions, such as APA, SEPNA, SOS Rio Paiva, among others, to protect native species. We carry out monitoring and removing of invasive species.

At Clube do Paiva we are invited to enter in Nature´s House and we respect Her.

Easy paperless reservations

Time is precious, that´s why we have na online booking system to facilitates reservations process, as well as you can simply call our team or get in touch with us using social media.

Keeping the motto of environmental protection, reservations are paperless, so you can identify yourself on your mobile phone or with the reservation’s number.

Valeu malta!

Brutal e aconselho a experiência ….equipa simpática e com espírito para proporcionar momentos agradáveis! Valeu malta!

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